November 13th, 2023 / Berkeley, California
Heat Pump Summit
The event for contractors and building professionals serious about heat pumps
In depth training from heat pump experts in HVAC and plumbing, robust industry discussions, exhibitors, and networking across the electrified building space
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Heat Pump Summit
Where contractors and tech meet
November 13th, 2023 Berkeley, California
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Heat Pump Summit

Where tech and HVAC pro’s meet
San Francisco Bay Area - November 2023, final date pending
We bring together heat pump startups, HVAC and plumbing contractors, building owners and more to advance the heat pump and electrified building industry.
What's the Summit?
November 13, 2023
Berkeley, California
In association with the Eneref Heat Pump Alliance
A heat pump focused event for HVAC, plumbing contractors, and electrified building professionals to improve how heat pumps are sold, designed, installed, and commissioned.
Hosted in association with the Eneref Institute, the Summit features expert-led training from a building science based approach, broad knowledge across topics including how heat pumps fit into a customer’s home electrification journey, the future of the grid, and more.

Attendees and sponsors encompass HVAC and plumbing contractors, both startup and established heat pump manufacturers, electrified building professionals, and innovators across areas like induction stoves, batteries, and smart thermostats.
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Larry Waters
President, Electrify My Home
Charles Cormancy
Executive Director, Efficiency First CA
Eric Kaiser
TruTech Tools, Industry Engagement Manager
Jane Melia
Harvest Thermal, CEO
Dasha Cherepennikova
Line.Build Co-founder
Taylor Keep
SPAN Staff PM, fmr Stow Energy founder
Joe Medosch
MeasureQuick Client Success Manager
Matt Golden
Recurve, Founder & CEO
Ben Foster
Barnett Plumbing, VP of Operations
TJ Wheeler
Friedrich, SVP Sales & Marketing
Aimee Bailey, Founder & CEO
Samir Pendse
Coral Co-founder & CEO
Will Baker
Google Nest
Phil Krinner
Arch Co-founder
Benjamin Knopp
Community Housing Partners
Tom Kabat
Energy Engineer, Freelance
Announcing The
Eneref Heat Pump Alliance
The Eneref Institute is launching the Heat Pump Alliance
The Eneref Institute’s Heat Pump Alliance brings manufacturers and stakeholders together from the industry to champion adoption of modern efficient heat pumps as a key solution to improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Summit is hosted in partnership with the Alliance.
Training for Contractors

This all day breakout on the training stage is specifically for HVAC and plumbing contractors. Learn from experts for end to end knowledge from addressing customer objections to detailed sizing techniques, and get certified for TECH Clean CA's new heat pump water heater rebate program.

9:15a -10:45a

From the field - Heat pump essentials for a successful business

Larry and the Electrify My Home team have been selling only heat pumps for air and water for many years. He will share hard learned lessons for creating comfortable homes in air and water, happy customers, and the lightest impact on the grid.

// Larry Waters, President at Electrify My Home

10:45a - 12:15p
In Training Room

HVAC Heat pump Commissioning - A building science approach to Long equipment lifespan And Occupant Satisfaction

Joe Medosch and MeasureQuick will be providing a detailed look as to why commissioning is critical for any fully ducted heat pump installation, and how to perform it correctly. He will also address two of the most common failures - not so fast - come to the session and learn about the entire installation process.

// Joe Medosch, Client Success Manager at MeasureQuick

10:45a - Noon
In Expo Hall

Plumbing and water heaters - Exhibit Hall Meet and Greet

Meet and greet with top heat pump water heater manufacturers. View new products and get up to speed on latest from leading companies. Learning more on key topics like demand response capable equipment - a requirement for many rebate programs.

Noon - 1:30p

Lunch and networking

11a - 12:15p

Proven Improvements to your sales process from a 7 figure closer

Jason has a passion for helping people and getting them to succeed at their NEXT LEVEL! He rose from warehouse shop cleaner to a top salesperson producing as much as $3.8 million in revenue per year with a closing average of 65-70%. In this session Jason will give a one hour version of his multi day courses covering seven key areas where most sales professionals leave money on the table, and what you can do to close those sales.

// Jason Walker AKA Jay Dub Money Maker - Jason's YouTube

1:30p - 2:30p

Heat Pump Water Heater Rheem Manufacturer training Hosted by PACE Supply

Qualify to participate in TECH Clean CA's newest HPWH rebate program. Hosted by PACE Supply and Rheem.

2:30p - 3:00p

Demystifying Plumbing and HVAC Rebate Programs: Q&A with Program Representatives

Which programs are active, how do do they last, can we stack them...? Come understand the different offerings from TECH Clean CA, Golden State Rebates, Comfortably California, and Clean Energy Connection

3:00p - 3:30p

Afternoon break

Appetizers, networking

3:30p - 5p

Deep dive - Air & Water Heat pump sizing & system design, common mistakes & advanced tricks

Ben Knopp's heat pump obsession goes back over a decade to engineering heat pump technology at Daikin. Since then he's designed and advised on hundreds of heat pump installations, and will go detailed from initial heat load sizing to performance testing and verification.

// Benjamin Knopp, project manager and building engineer from Community Housing Partners

Main Stage

Final call for speakers! To speak or suggest topics, email Sessions subject to change.

8:30a - 9:30a

Opening remarks, Keynote

Opening the Summit
// Speaker to be announced

9:30a - 10:15a

Over (Heat) Pumping the Grid

Since heating and hot water consumer 2/3 of home energy, what will happen on cold winter mornings and evenings when we electrify heating and hot water? To achieve California’s clean energy goals at lowest cost, the future of HVAC has to be smart, connected and able to provide grid services like load shifting and demand response.

// Jane Melia of Harvest Thermal, Matt Golden of Recurve

10:15a - 11a

Panel: Dollars and cents - rebates, energy savings, and low income

How can expensive heat pumps replace fossil in lower income households? Panel discusses awareness, emphasizing energy savings, winning over multi-family property owners, different hardware solutions needed to retrofit apartment buildings, and more.

// Dasha Cherepennikova of, Samir Pendse of Coral, Alejandra Posada of Peninsula Clean Energy, Aimee Bailey of

11a - 11:30a

Heat Pumps and Smart Controls

Heat pumps bring innovation and higher precision technology to the home. Demand response and flexible load programs bring innovation to the grid. How do smart thermostats maximize these new innovations for home owner and contractors?

// Will Baker, Google Nest

11:30a - noon

Panel: Title to be announced

// TJ Wheeler, Friedrich, additional panelists to be announced

Noon - 1:30p

Lunch, networking, and Speaker Led Roundtables

1:30p - 2p

Lessons learned from 1000 heat pump installs

// Charles Cormancy, Executive Director at Efficiency First California & Creator of the Clean Energy Connection

2p - 2:30p

Pain in the Panel, using the watt diet for whole home electrification

How simple electrification upgrades create cascading problems throughout a customer's electrification journey, and what heat pump air and water heater installers can do to avoid this pain and close the sale.

// Tom Kabat, Energy Engineer

2:30p - 3p

More Smarts, Less Copper - Switching from gas to electric

Taylor brings building science and thermal systems expertise from SPAN as a Staff Product Manager, founder of heat pump startup Stow, and more. He'll discuss handling panel space when switching from gas appliances.

// Taylor Keep, SPAN

3p - 3:30p

Afternoon break

Appetizers, networking

3:30p - 4:30p

Heat Pump 911, Achieving Success with Retrofit Heat Pumps in Water and HVAC

Success and failures in a critical sale. How heat pumps can fit into the typical change out.

// Eric Kaiser of TruTech Tools, Ben Foster of Barnett Plumbing

4:30p - 5p

Closing Keynote

Remarks and thank you

// Speaker to be announced

5p - 6:30p

Heat Pump Happy Hour

Food and drink with attendees and sponsors.

//Sponsorship of Heat Pump Happy Hour available

Expo Tables

All Day

Vendors can reserve a table outside the main Stage room

Tables are limited and all have great foot traffic placement by main stage and food.
Email to find out more

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What to Expect
A curated group of attendees exclusively in the HVAC, plumbing, heat pump and building electrification industry.

Everyone admitted to this conference is on the same team. Whether you got into this work for decarbonizing buildings or a good way to make a living, we all are here with the same goal - sell and install more heat pumps.

The day features the Main Stage, Training Stage, and networking lunch break with hosted round table conversations for networking.

Success at the Summit is you leaving with tactical knowledge you can implement the next day, and many new, meaningful connections in the industry.
Who Should Attend
You should attend if you work primarily in HVAC, plumbing, heat pump technology or related building electrification areas.

For HVAC contractors, learn how to:
  • Design and install heat pumps at expert level including detailed steps like commissioning using smart tools
  • Benefit from the latest heat pump hardware
  • Benefit from working with electrification service providers
For plumbing contractors, learn how to:
  • Certify for TECH Clean CA's new heat pump water heater rebate program
  • Tour manufacturer's latest equipment
  • Receive training from manufacturers
7:30a - 8:30a
8:30a - Noon
Noon - 1:30p
1:30p - 5:00p
5p - 6:30p
6:30p - 9p
What’s Included
Main Program
Networking Lunch
Exhibit Tables
UC Berkeley - Pauley Ballroom Expo Hall
The Summit will happen in UC Berkeley's largest event space: Pauley Ballroom East and West for Main Stage and Training Stage, with expo tables and additional smaller training area just outside of the ballroom.

MLK Student Union, 2495 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720 Parking underground accessed from Bancroft Way.
Berkeley Marina DoubleTree
Overlooking Berkeley Marina with views of the San Francisco Bay the hotel is a short 10-minute, 3.5 mile Uber to the event venue at UC Berkeley.

Event room block code HEAT PUMP SUMMIT for $139/night rate

200 Marina Blvd, Berkeley, CA 94710
Summit Sessions
Below are possible session and panel topics at the summit. We are now calling for speakers on these topics, and on topics speakers suggest. Email with brief topic description to be considered.

Heat Pump 911, Solving Emergency Retrofits  
Success and failures in a critical sale.

Pain in the Panel
Avoiding panel upgrades with smart planning for all a home's loads

Install Design Myths, Must Do’s, Never Do’s 
How to be top 1% of installers with advanced techniques and tools

Over (Heat) Pumping the Grid 
Is electrification heading towards a blackout with major new loads?

Are Heat Pumps Really the Future?
Do recent performance improvements and policy support truly mark the beginning of the end for the fossil era, or will high system cost, retrofit and grid challenges temper growth? 

Rebates and Happy or Angry Customers
With a constantly changing rebate landscape how do you setup customers and projects for maximum money back?

New Build vs Retrofits 
What strategies help you close business in both markets? 
Cost Savings vs Comfort - what drives a stronger sale?
How much to sell based on cost savings versus comfort improvements

Mini Split vs Ducts vs Window Units, What’s Your Winning Strategy?
No two buildings are the same, how to adjust for all needs

App Driven Sales 
Where is tech fitting into your business? New tech can save truck rolls, speed installs, and better educate customers.

Now and Future of Financing
Solar loans revolutionized the industry, will it happen with heat pumps? 

Are Customer Aggregators the New Front Office?
Heat pumps’ complexity have driven a new category of businesses advising customers and sourcing contractors. Is this here to stay or filling a temporary market gap?

Demand Response and Heat Pumps
Demand response is one of the grid’s most powerful tools, how can heat pumps participate as flexible load? 

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